About Our School

Our School Philosophy

At West Ewell Infant School we aim to create a stimulating, happy environment which reflects the real first-hand experiences of our children. Through the careful, selective use of resources, books and displays we are striving to capture their interests, and to encourage them to ask questions and solve problems with confidence.
The starting points for learning are varied and the learning styles are flexible (we may work with individuals, groups or the whole class at times) as we aim to meet the needs of all children and to make them confident in their own abilities. The school organisation reflects our concern to provide for progression and continuity in all areas of the curriculum.
While recognising the great importance of developing skills and concepts in the core subjects of Maths, Science and English we would also aim to encourage positive attitudes to learning and to develop a caring school community. We particularly welcome the important contribution that parents can make to their children's education and to the life of the school in general.