About Our School
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About our School

We want our school to be a place where all children want to come and want to learn, and so we provide good quality, well-chosen resources, materials and books which encourage wonder and thought. Our children from the nursery class onwards spend their time in a bright and colourful stimulating environment. We believe that, in the nursery, children begin to develop good attitudes to learning in school. Here we begin to introduce each child to the excitement of learning.
Learning at this stage involves children learning through their senses by exploring their world and interacting with others. Play is an important aspect of this early learning.
Children have access to all sorts of amenities. We have two halls fitted with gym equipment, a well-stocked library, a kiln, and a swimming pool. Recently we have had disabled facilities installed at the school.
Our grounds provide many opportunities for the children to observe and investigate the living world. We have a pond, a wildlife area, a herb garden and a tremendous variety of trees. We are constantly looking at ways of improving the play areas for the children and in 1994 the parents raised enough money for a play frame in the playground, and more recently we have added a play train and boat.







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