About Our School
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Learning and teaching

Children learn from what is around them, from the experiences they bring with them from home, and from the rich environment provided for them by the teacher. Starting points for learning will come from these experiences and we see it as our role to carefully plan so that children progress and develop. Most of our teaching is done through topics that are relevant to the children's own lives and experiences.
Within every class there is a considerable range of ability and so we use a balance between class, group and individual teaching to match the work to the needs of the children.
In the Nursery and Reception Classes, the children follow the Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum.
We make it a high priority to teach reading as we want all our children to experience success and enjoyment. We use a structured wide range of books and approaches, and we promote reading across all other curriculum areas. We teach the National Literacy Strategy in Year 1 and Year 2.
We also use a structured maths scheme, linking it to current topic work where appropriate. We aim to give children a sound basis to approach everyday mathematical situations with confidence. We teach the National Numeracy Strategy in Year 1 and Year 2.
If you do have a query about the curriculum we suggest that you first approach your child's teacher and then consult the headteacher if you require further information. If the matter is not fully resolved it may be referred to the governors.






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