About Our School
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The Curriculum

                  "Children are people, they grow into tomorrow only as they live today."   (Dewey)
History and Geography are about ...
understanding the physical world and the
society in which children are growing up.
English is about ...
communicating through speaking and
listening; writing including handwriting
and spelling
; and developing enjoyment
and confidence in reading.
Science is about ... observing,
questioning and investigating our world.  

Design and Technology is about ...
being inventive in designing practical
solutions to problems and developing
appropriate skills and knowledge.

P.E. is about ...
developing a positive attitude to
physical and recreational activities as
part of a healthy lifestyle.

Information Technology is about ...
learning new ways of handling information and deriving
great interest and excitement from this important
aspect of everyday living

Music, Art and Drama are about ...
creative expression and appreciation,
communication of ideas through a variety
of media, learning new skills.


            Mathematics is about ...
            problem solving, measurement,
            numbers, shape and space,
            and looking for patterns.

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