About Our School
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Questions parents ask

How is religious education taught?
Normally, the subject is taught by the class teachers, because the relationship they have with their children provides the best basics for the growth of spiritual and moral understanding. Parents are able to withdraw their children from R.E. or worship should they wish to.
What are the arrangements for collective worship?
In our daily assemblies children are introduced to religious ideas through everyday experience. We want children to find out more about themselves, their relationship with others and the world about them as well as being introduced to stories, customs and celebrations.
What is the school's policy on sex education?
We believe this too is taught and learnt best through everyday experiences such as a new baby animal in school, or a visit to the farm.
What about discipline?
We help our children to develop their own sense of right and wrong, honesty, caring, reliability, initiative and tolerance.
Does the school have a handwriting style?
Yes, every parent is given a copy when their child starts school, and it is also available by clicking this link. Get handwriting.html.
How will I know how my child is doing?
The teachers are available, usually one day a week after school, to discuss the children's progress. You will also receive an annual record of achievement in the summer term. If at any time you wish to see the headteacher please telephone or call into the office to arrange a convenient time.








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